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Milwaukee Bucks Podcast: Kidd anniversary, Marques’ number

The latest episode of our Milwaukee Bucks podcast arrives on the first anniversary of Jason Kidd‘s tenure as coach coming to an end, and discusses a variety of talking points on the team’s situation 12 months on.

The Win In 6 Podcast is back to discuss all of the latest Milwaukee Bucks topics, but also to briefly reflect on just how much has changed over the past year.

Twelve months on from the Bucks’ dismissal of Jason Kidd as head coach, we take a moment to consider some of the strangeness that surrounded that day, and his time in the job overall.

From there, we move on to more topical Bucks fare, beginning with the major news of the week. With Marques Johnson set to have his number retired in March, we discussed the long overdue honor, what it means coming now for Marques, and how the franchise is improving at recognizing its history.

We also checked in with all of the latest chatter surrounding the All-Star selections, making special mention of how Eric Bledsoe‘s hot form has coincided with his name being proposed as a selection by prominent national journalists.

Next, we moved on to talking about the Wisconsin Herd, and in particular getting the lowdown on the team’s recent roster moves, which included adding new Bucks’ two-way player Bonzie Colson.

Lastly, we closed up this week’s episode by fielding questions from the mailbag, which was reliably packed with questions on Khris Middleton and the Bucks’ offseason decisions, among other things.

Joining me for this episode was, our resident Herd Grand Poobah, Jordan Treske.

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