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Dennis Schröder launches Golden Patch Management

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Dennis Schröder has launched a sport management/marketing company called Golden Patch Management.

Dennis Schröder, along with his talented team, will help promote current and future talent in the world of sports, music and art.

Golden Patch Management will help market brands and products more efficiently. Per the company’s website, Octagon is one of Golden Patch Management’s management partners. Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and Milwaukee Bucks small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo are represented by Octagon.

Dennis Schröder deleted all of his previous posts on Instagram to promote his new company. Schröder is more than just an athlete.

We are united by our passion for the sports and the sense for culture and lifestyle. We join forces to challenge the status quo and achieve the impossible.

Built on integrity, loyalty and passion, we merge outstanding talents and unique minds to a bigger idea. We care for each other, fostering individuality in a networking context to enable opportunity for all.

In our current time when culture is becoming a fusion of the arts, of lifestyle, sports and entertainment, it is essential to challenge the beliefs and conventions that underpin every market.

There is a real value in understanding the shifts that disrupt businesses and industries as well as knowing where to find and how to implement trends and tendencies that might be relevant for present or future needs.

Here at Golden Patch Management we are applying the best practices in strategy, creative and sports management to help you, your brand or your product to reach your vision and to fulfill your purpose. We’re combining the various aspects of 21st century cultural developments to create commercial opportunity alongside an authentic and unique communication.

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