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Milwaukee Bucks should stay away from Markelle Fultz

Rumor around the NBA is that Markelle Fultz could become available via a trade. If that’s the case, the Milwaukee Bucks should have no interest.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a history of ruining their tiny new toys. At least temporarily. Between Joel Embiid (injuries), Ben Simmons (injury), Zhaire Smith (injury), Jahlil Okafor (bust), Nerlens Noel (injury) and now Markelle Fultz (injury?), they have had some very bad “luck” with their top draft picks. That means the Milwaukee Bucks should stay far away from them.

Ever since the 76ers dealt for Jimmy Butler, the rumors have been swirling about the future of Fultz. Fultz has been dealing with a weird shoulder injury situation for the first year plus of his career and is on the shelf once again. However, nobody knows what’s really going on.

Fultz was the first overall pick in the 2017 draft and was supposed to be a great all-around player. However, some weird twitch in his shot has completely taken that aspect of his game away. At this point, it appears to be more mental than physical.

Fultz’ stock appears to be declining every day which is why Philadelphia could look to ship him away. Even though there are a number of reasons why the 76ers wouldn’t send him to Milwaukee (battling for top of the conference, Bucks don’t have any good trade assets, etc), the Bucks shouldn’t even pick up the phone to acquire.

Nobody knows if Fultz’ issues will improve over time. Up to now, he hasn’t given anyone any confidence he’ll overcome his hitch.

Furthermore, Fultz doesn’t fit with what the Bucks are trying to do. Milwaukee wants to spread the floor and create space for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Fultz isn’t an effective outside shooter and would give opposing teams the ability to stay in the lane and shut down Antetokounmpo’s drive.

Lastly, the Bucks would likely have to give up multiple young assets and draft picks in order to entice Philadelphia to agree to a deal. Milwaukee can’t afford to take a risk of this magnitude and pour valuable picks and assets into the risk.

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Overall, the Bucks shouldn’t even pick up the phone to call 76ers general manager Elton Brand about Fultz’ availability. It’s best for everyone if they sit this one out.

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