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Examining Eric Bledsoe’s clutch time influence

The latest Milwaukee Bucks Daily is here as the Bucks have and will continue to look to Eric Bledsoe to set the tone in future crunch time situations.

In today’s edition of Milwaukee Bucks Daily, we learn how big of a role Eric Bledsoe will have in clutch time situations for the Bucks this year, how Brook Lopez‘s play on the court continues to enhance the value he’s brought to Milwaukee, and much more.

As we saw during his first season with the Bucks last year, Bledsoe has been a productive player during crunch time scenarios, and the influence he punctuated on both ends of the floor during the Bucks’ win Sunday night over the Denver Nuggets was just the latest example of that.

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Back to the present, let’s look at today’s Bucks stories.

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Milwaukee Bucks: 3 takeaways from 121-114 win over Denver Nuggets (read here): Adam McGee highlighted the three things that stood out in the Bucks’ triumphant win over the Denver Nuggets from Sunday night.

Milwaukee Bucks: Player grades from 121-114 win over Denver Nuggets (read here): Rob Gueldner handed out grades for the Bucks’ individual performances, head coach Mike Budenholzer and what the Nuggets had to offer in the Bucks’ win that closed out their four-game West coast road trip.

Best of Bucks Around the Internet From 11/12/18

The Bucks’ go-to guy in crunch time isn’t who you think it is (read here): The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Matt Velazquez wrote about the presence Eric Bledsoe provides in clutch time for the Bucks and why he’ll continue to be looked on to lead the team in future situations.

Milwaukee Bucks: Brook Lopez providing tremendous value (read here): Daniel Lubofsky over at Hoops Habit touched on the play of veteran Bucks big man Brook Lopez and how it’s paid off for the team, in spite of his signing coming largely under the radar over the offseason.

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That’s it for today’s roundup, but we’ll be back to do it all again tomorrow.

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