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Ranking the 10 Best Jerseys in Franchise History

MILWAUKEE, WI – OCTOBER 24: (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

On the heels of the November 19 debut of the MECCA-inspired city edition uniforms, which of the nearly 25 different uniforms since the Milwaukee Bucks’ inception stand out as most noteworthy?

The Milwaukee Bucks have nailed some uniform designs in their 50 years of existence, but have undoubtedly committed fashion crimes with some others.

If ever any evidence of that was needed, the polarizing reactions to the unveil of the team’s new MECCA inspired alternates certainly provided it.

Which jerseys have the Bucks got right (and which have they got really wrong) over the years, though?

Before we take a closer look at that topic, it seems necessary to start with a disclaimer. Ranking uniforms is a completely subjective exercise. One fan’s trash is another fan’s treasure.

That being said, to avoid confrontation at any given Milwaukee Bucks pregame watering hole, I will qualify this by saying no mathematical analytics, scientific formulas, or wider analysis was used in determining the results for this article, other than my own two eyes (and a slight bias toward the 1990s). My second qualifier is that I have a limited sense of non-activewear fashion trends and an even lower personal adoption rate. I did not wear argyle sweaters 10 years ago, and I haven’t put so much as a toe in a pair of skinny jeans.

The MECCA inspired uniforms, set to debut on November 19 and to be worn at least 11 more times after that this season, have not made the cut in this instance as we wait to see them in game action.

First impressions of the Bucks’ newest look clearly weren’t favorable amongst the majority of the Bucks’ social community, however the shorts with the blue striping and embroidered “Milwaukee” at the bottom provided at least a glimmer of hope that the uniform in total may just be an acquired taste. We will soon find out.

Having said that, let’s move into the rankings, starting with the very worst, before then skipping ahead to the top-10.

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