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Buckhead will go buckwild and serve buck Miller beers if the Bucks win 10 in row

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are off to a terrific start this season (*knocks on wood*), currently at the top of the Eastern Conference standings at 7-0 after beating the Toronto Raptors Monday night and reigning as the only remaining undefeated team in the entire NBA. And if things keep up this way (*knocks on all the wood in the building*), you could get in on those winning ways as well thanks to Buckhead Back Bar Saloon.

The newly reborn Old World Third Street bar – moving into the back area of RWB Milwaukee in its former space at 1044 N. Old World Third St. beginning this weekend – announced on Instagram that, if the Bucks win 10 games in a row, the saloon will serve up Miller Lite and other Miller beers for $1, along with $1 Jagermeiser shots (because the label has a big ol’ buck on it), during the Bucks’ eleventh game on the schedule: a big road spat against the defending champ Golden State Warriors on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Looking at the Bucks’ upcoming schedule, the team will have to score wins on the road against the Boston Celtics and the Portland Blazers, as well as at home against the Sacramento Kings, to win you buck Buckhead beers. The perpetual trainwreck that is the Kings should be an easy win – though they are improved so far this year. The other two games, however, will be the real challenge. The Celtics struggled in the first few games of the season, but are now beginning to play up to their potential as Eastern Conference favorites, while the Portland Blazers are their usual feisty selves – and playing them in Portland with their loud animated crowd is always tough.

But we believe in the Bucks – so we look forward to seeing you all next Thursday night for the Bucks game with one-buck Miller beers at the brand-new Buckhead (*knocks on literally every tree in the city of Milwaukee*).

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