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Reflecting on preseason so far

The latest episode of our Win In 6 Podcast arrives as we look back on the Milwaukee Bucks’ first three preseason contests.

Our Win In 6 Podcast returns as we offer up our impressions on the Milwaukee Bucks’ first week of preseason action.

With three game already under their collective belt, the Bucks are rapidly approaching the regular season starting line, and already starting to show positive signs of change.

The most dominant questions facing the Bucks’ slate of exhibition games was just how quickly Mike Budenholzer’s influence would be evident in their play, and if the past seven games are anything to go by the answer is pretty immediately.

To begin with, we discussed the overall performance and trends evident in Milwaukee’s play under the new coaching staff, and the most impressive elements so far.

From there, our focus shifted on to some of the individuals competing for the Bucks, particularly those fighting to earn or keep their spot on the roster for opening night.

Lastly, we touched on a wide range of Bucks questions as we answered listener questions from this week’s jam-packed mailbag.

Joining me for this episode, and unable to confirm or deny whether his bleached hair phase coincided with being the lead singer of The Offspring, is Jordan Treske.

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We’ll be back for more Bucks talk prior to Wednesday’s regular season opener with the Charlotte Hornets.

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