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How many All-Stars will they have?

The Milwaukee Bucks have a good chance at sending multiple representatives to the 2019 NBA All-Star game. But how many could they have?

In one way, the number of All-Stars the Milwaukee Bucks have in 2019 is tied directly to their team success. That’s how it is for every team every year. The more wins your squad has heading into the All-Star break, the more players they are likely to send to the game.

At this point, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a lock for the game. Heck, he’s a lock to be a starter, as he’s made it in back-to-back seasons and was a starter last year as well. However, if the Bucks want to send more then one representative, they must aspire to be near the top of the Eastern Conference in January and February.

Before Antetokounmpo was elected to the All-Star game in 2017, the Bucks’ franchise had gone 13 years since their last selection (Michael Redd). The last time they had two electives? Way, way back in 2001 when Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson made the team. They also did that a year earlier in 2000.

The Bucks have only had three players selected to the All-Star game one time in franchise history. That came back in 1975 when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bob Dandridge and Jim Price all made it.

Even though three players is likely out of the equation this season (unless something crazy happens), two is very much in play.

With Antetokounmpo already a lock for the game, Khris Middleton is the team’s next best bet. Middleton is on the verge of breaking out and just needs to improve his game a tiny bit in order to get that extra attention and votes.

However, another way he can make that jump is if Milwaukee makes a nice jump as a team. If the Bucks are leading the Central division or in the top three or four of the East around January and February, it will be hard to keep Middleton or a second Bucks’ player out of the game.

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