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Quotable: Bucks 125 – Timberwolves 107 | 10.07.18

Post-game quotes from Coach Bud, Giannis and Khris as the Bucks defeated the Timberwolves, 125-107 in Ames, Iowa on Sunday, Ovtober 7 2018.

Head Coach Mike Budenholzer:

On the referees calling games tight…

“I think it’s a good learning opportunity for everybody. Points of emphasis, you know, trying to show your hands, freedom of movement, things like that.” 

On his team’s performance…

“I think we played well at times and it’s good to see us have that ability to turn it up; but can we do it for forty-eight minutes, can we keep that consistent focus?”

On the fouls…

“It’s not easy to get into basketball rhythm, but we don’t have any further to look than to ourselves for why the whistles are being blown.”


Giannis Antetokounmpo:

On the team’s performance…

“At the end of the day, it’s about us. We have to get better game by game. As a team we had a great win again but I think we took a step back.”

On playing against Towns…

“Definitely, definitely. Towns is a great player. He comes in and sets the tone for his team. He played great. Karl is hard to stop. (…) We are not playing the same position (as Karl Anthony-Towns). He’s a big man. He’s a great, big man. I’m not trying to play any type of position. I’m not a big man, I’m not a small man. I’m a basketball player.”


Khris Middleton:

On the team’s performance…

“I think we’ve done a good job so far just kind of learning different types of concepts. Definitely have to do a better job of rebounding.

On the win…

“It was another good preseason game. Played a different team, different styled-team but we adjusted, played our game, played to our strengths. 

On playing defense with the new points of emphasis…

“It’s a lot different. You really can’t touch guys anymore. It’s just the way the league is going now. The simple holds we’ve been accustomed to playing with the past couple of years we can’t do anymore. Coach has been preaching all camp to keep our hands off because they’re going to start calling. So we have to do a better job of adjusting to that.”

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