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oLarry acquired by Cavs Legion Gaming

As oLarry was acquired by Cavs Legion Gaming following the 2K League Expansion Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks Gaming team now has other decisions to make.

The next era of the NBA 2K League came into focus on Wednesday, as the league held its first ever expansion draft. As it turned out, it was an event that would have significant implications for the Milwaukee Bucks Gaming squad too.

With the third pick of the expansion draft, T-Wolves Gaming selected oLarry, who had spent his first season in the league representing Bucks Gaming. Less than 24 hours later, oLarry was dealing with further change, as his rights were acquired by Cavs Legion Gaming in exchange for Hood.

oLarry, whose real name is Timothy Anselimo, was selected in the second round by Bucks Gaming prior to the season, before going on to have a life-changing year on many fronts during his time in Milwaukee.

Along with getting the chance to play NBA 2K professionally, the past 12 months were also marked for oLarry by incredibly serious events too. Anselimo was shot three times during the shootings at a Madden tournament at Jacksonville Landing at the end of August. Three people were killing during the tragic incident, and Anselimo, who was one of 11 injured, suffered from gunshots to the chest, hip, and hand.

Even as oLarry was deemed to be in a stable condition in hospital, the injury to his hand remained notable as a factor that threatened to bring his career in the NBA 2K League to a premature end. With each franchise only permitted to protect two players each heading into the expansion draft, oLarry’s uncertain status may even have played a role in Bucks Gaming’s decision to leave him off their protected players list.

In spite of Milwaukee’s decision to retain Game6Drake and BigMeek instead of oLarry, the news of Anselimo’s selection in Wednesday’s expansion draft, and the subsequent trade, will undoubtedly have been welcomed by all associated with Bucks Gaming, considering the potentially grave situation oLarry was in just a matter of weeks ago.

Moving on in preparation of going head-to-head with their former player next season, Bucks Gaming now have important decisions to make. The franchise has the option of retaining up to two players from their opening year roster, with STL2LA, King Peroxide, and Procis1on, all in play for a potential return to Milwaukee.

Having lost oLarry via expansion, Bucks Gaming will face lower costs for retaining players too, with one retained player coming at the price of a third round pick, with the option of an extra retained player coming in exchange for a second round pick.

Barring a trade, that means the Bucks are ensured of having their first round pick (sixth overall) in the 2019 Draft, although with the league’s first trade window open from September 27 – October 10, that consideration is now also in play for the first time.

The league’s first trade was finalized earlier on Thursday as Pacers Gaming acquired standout player Lets Get It Ramo from Pistons GT in exchange for the fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft, while the reigning champion Knicks Gaming were quick off the mark with the league’s first retained player following the Expansion Draft too.

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Just how quickly Bucks Gaming acts, if they choose to move at all during the player retention and trade window, remains to be seen, but there’s no doubting how important getting those decisions right is for the organization’s hopes of major improvement in year two.

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